You’re so close… the exit for a better life is right there. Keep on moving forward. – Manue

5 tips for your career questioning

I don’t know if you ever experience being in a career questioning, but I’ll give you five tips to motivate yourself by doing what you really want to do. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ First, find out… Lire la suite

Sometimes the relapse is hard but the jump back up will be fierce and strong! – Manue :)

Stop blocking the door, let people you love help you! – Manue:)

Today let your heart go where it wants to go ! – Manue :)

Even if the storm is sometimes surrounding you, there’s always a way to escape to things you like! Today be concentrate! Manue :)

Ah! These defense mechanisms …

Imagine that you lived tempestuous relationship during numerous years (example: infidelity, violence, abandonment, etc.) and that you have now what you always looked for in a relationship. Certainly, it is wonderful because finally… Lire la suite

Ah! Ces mécanismes de défense…

Imaginez que vous ayez vécu des relations tumultueuses durant de nombreuses années (exemple: infidélité, violence, abandon, etc.) et que vous avez maintenant ce dont vous avez toujours recherché dans une relation. Certes, cela… Lire la suite

There are automatic thoughts that our brain uses most part of time and the alternative thoughts which brings us to set other cognitive ways. In this photo, we can see a wall or we can see the windows which brings us a different image. Today be conscious of your thoughts. Manue:)

In the way, will be many obstacles, but these obstacles can be overcome and will always. No matter how long it takes and how hard it can be. The most important thing : don’t loose yourself in the way. You’re beautiful- Manue:)

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